Daily Bulletin – April 19

CK Beat -April 2018

Thursday, April 19th:

Eligibility is Thursday, April 19.

Sgt. Page will be here from 12-4 pm to do a night vision exercise and a work out with Mr. Hamilton’s classes. Please visit with Mr. Hamilton if you would be interested in joining him. 5th period is an open period.

SENIORS—A questionnaire for the Midland News was sent home and needs to be completed and returned to Mrs. Nollette by Thursday, April 26. You must also include a Senior photo with the questionnaire. You may send a photo via email to Mrs. Nollette.

HS Track Meet @ Chadron. Leave from Cody @ 11:40 am.

Coach O’neill wants to thank all the basketball girls for meeting with her. She also wanted the girls to know that they can start working on their donation sheets, which will be picked up the last week of school. Girls can start the shootathon whenever they want!

Due to the track meet and students being absent, any class that would like to come down to the Circle C Market during 6th & 7th hours would be greatly appreciated!

Congratulations on a great day at contest CK Music Students!

Superior Ratings:

Garrett, Erin, Kitra, Sadie, Tati and Tehya – Vocal Solos

Sadie – Flute Solo

Tehya, Emmalea, Emmy, Elle and Sadie – Flute Quintet

Claysen, Ry, Waylon, Liz and Josi – Percussion Quintet

Excellent Ratings:

Kenny, Emily and Kenzie – Vocal Solos

Kitra & Tati – Vocal Duet

Tehya – Flute Solo

Riley & Emily – Sax Duet

CK Mixed Choir – I, II, II

CK Band – I, II, II

Saturday, April 21st:

JH Track Meet – Conference @ Arnold leave time is 5 am.

The 1st HS Rodeo is this weekend. Good Luck – don’t break any bones!


April 26—Haven & Virginia Smith Scholarship; Cody-Kilgore Scholarship

April 30—Hanna Memorial Scholarship, Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship

May 1—Brittan Sandhills Scholarship, Security First Bank Scholarship

Coming UP:

Monday, April 23rd:

There will be an FFA officer meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at lunch time.

Tuesday, April 24th:

JUNIORS–We will be taking the makeup ACT exam on Tuesday, April 24. We will begin at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast at the Nenzel Community Building. You may ride to Nenzel with Mr. Lambert or drive your own vehicle. Please remember to bring #2 pencils, an approved calculator, and an ID. Please leave your cell phones in your car or turn them in to Mrs. Nollette when you arrive at testing.

Thursday, April 26th:

The Pre-Kindergarten round up will be held on Thursday, April 26, from 8:30-9:00 AM MDT in Kilgore. Children who turn 4 by July 31, 2018 are eligible to attend Pre-Kindergarten next year.

Tuesday, May 15th:

The 5th graders will be coming to the middle school on May 15. They will practice for their music concert in the morning, eat lunch here, and then spend the remainder of the day here.

Dismissal Schedule for Lunch
11:00 – 6th, 7th, 8th grades
11:14 – Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Shelbourn, Ms. Richards, Mrs. Nollette, Mr. Nollette

11:19 – Mrs. Burchfield, Mrs. Tolliver

All Menus Subject to Last Minute Changes

Lunch Today:

Cody: Chicken Patty on WW Bun, French Fries, Green Beans, Fruit & Salad Bar, Milk

Kilgore: Hot Dog or Cheddarwurst, Fries, Bread, Lettuce, relish tray, fruit & milk

Breakfast Tomorrow:

Cody: French Toast, Cereal, Toast, Fruit, Juice & Milk

Kilgore: Dutch Waffles, Cereal, Toast, Fruit, Juice & Milk

Lunch Tomorrow:

Cody: Pork Patty, mashed potatoes & gravy, Green Beans, Bread, Fruit & Salad Bar, Milk

Kilgore: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Fries, Bread, Lettuce, relish tray, fruit & milk

Cody-Kilgore High School
360 W 4th St.
PO Box 216
Cody, NE 69211
Telephone (402)823-4117 FAX (402)823-4275