Daily Bulletin – April 26

CK Beat -April 2018

Thursday, April 26th:

The 7th grade will travel to CSC for a field trip. They will leave at 8am and return at 4pm

Eligibility is Thursday, April 26.

Students planning to take college online courses in the Fall will be leaving following lunch to go to Valentine to take the Accuplacer test if needed and register for Fall classes. We should be back by 4:00 p.m.

SENIORS—A questionnaire for the Midland News was sent home and needs to be completed and returned to Mrs. Nollette by Thursday, April 26. You must also include a Senior photo with the questionnaire. You may send a photo via email to Mrs. Nollette.

Emmalea and Kacie and Annalise please come to the office sometime today.

Today after school there is softball practice at the field. Everyone JH – HS is welcome to attend. If you don’t know how to play don’t worry they will teach you!

Friday, April 27th:

HS Conference track meet in Arnold @ 9 am. Bus leaves at 4:45 am.

Saturday, April 28th:

JH Conference track meet in Arnold @ 9 am. Bus leaves at 5 am.

Coming UP:


April 26—Haven & Virginia Smith Scholarship; Cody-Kilgore Scholarship

April 30—Hanna Memorial Scholarship, Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship

May 1—Brittan Sandhills Scholarship, Security First Bank Scholarship

Friday, May 4th:

Students planning to take the ACT exam on June 9 must have their registration completed by Friday, May 4. You can register online. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Nollette.

Monday, May 7th:

High School basketball girls you have a meeting at lunch time. Bring all of your forms back filled out and money for the shoot a thon.

Tuesday, May 15th:

The 5th graders will be coming to the middle school on May 15. They will practice for their music concert in the morning, eat lunch here, and then spend the remainder of the day here.

Dismissal Schedule for Lunch
11:00 – 6th, 7th, 8th grades
11:14 – Mrs. Burchfield, Mrs. Tolliver

11:19 – Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Shelbourn, Ms. Richards, Mrs. Nollette, Mr. Nollette

All Menus Subject to Last Minute Changes

Lunch Today:

Cody: Square Cheeseburgers, Scalloped Potatoes, Baked Beans, Bread, Fruit & Salad Bar, Milk

Kilgore: Corn Dogs, Fries, Bread, Lettuce, relish tray, fruit & milk

Breakfast Tomorrow:

Cody: Pancakes, Cereal, Toast, Fruit, Juice & Milk

Kilgore: French Toast Sticks, Cereal, Toast, Fruit, Juice & Milk

Lunch Tomorrow:

Cody: Hot Dogs, French fries, baked beans, Bread, Fruit & Salad Bar, Milk

Kilgore: Burrito, Cauliflower, Bread, Lettuce, relish tray, fruit & milk

Cody-Kilgore High School
360 W 4th St.
PO Box 216
Cody, NE 69211
Telephone (402)823-4117 FAX (402)823-4275